The Right Time to Kiss

I love to kiss!  Kissing is sexy and intimate.  Kissing a beautiful communication without words.  Kissing is fun.  Since my adolescence I’ve been “studying” every aspect of the kiss.  (Perhaps this is TMI, but in my heart of hearts I strive to be the best kisser my partner has ever kissed.) I made up 6

Helping Children of all Ages Deal with Divorce

As a parent you are in what Carl Rogers, author, teacher, psychologist, called a “helping relationship.”  By this he meant a “relationship in which one of the parties has the intent of promoting the growth, development, maturity, improved coping with life, and improved functioning of the other”. When you are looking for help and support

Let’s Talk About Sex (and our teens)!

When you were a teenager did you seek out advice and information about sex from your parents?  Were your parents a primary source of guidance and comfort for you with issues regarding your sexual practices and behavior?  Did you talk to them about masturbation?  Did you discuss how far you were “going” on dates?  Were