Helping Children of all Ages Deal with Divorce

As a parent you are in what Carl Rogers, author, teacher, psychologist, called a “helping relationship.”  By this he meant a “relationship in which one of the parties has the intent of promoting the growth, development, maturity, improved coping with life, and improved functioning of the other”. When you are looking for help and support

Talking and Touching

One way that my lover and I keep our love alive is through our conversations.  We talk about everything.  We talk about the weather, current events, books we’re reading, friends we have in common, friends our partner hasn’t met or doesn’t know well, the kids, work, everything. We talk about things we’re afraid to talk

Help is as Easy as Listening

One role of every life-partner is to create a caring, respectful relationship with our partner (and all whom we love), encouraging lovers and family to see you as a strong support in their experience, and encouraging them to grow and develop as separate and unique individuals. Helping Attitude There are many ways to show our