cba-fb-16-1204Chas August

“Working with Chas has been a really positive experience.  As a coach, he has a way of seeing patterns in what I say and how I act and then directly but gently pointing them out to me.  The discussion is never that I have done something wrong, but is focused on what is working and what is not working and how I have the power within myself to make changes to improve that.  His candid and loving awareness of how difficult or undesirable making those changes can be makes me feel seen and understood, and makes space for change to take place.  I am also impressed with his willingness to share personal accounts of his life, which really helps me to see another perspective on the issue at hand and shows that his advice has the depth and breadth of real life.  He has extensive experience working with people from many walks of life and I would recommend him to anyone.”– C.B.

“Chas’s approach of teaching communication skills and illustrating them with his own personal experiences was very helpful, and surprisingly effective.  In just seven sessions, we learned enough to effectively work through personal issues and significantly improve our communication as a couple.  Both of us are very pleased with the result.”–B.S.M. and B.M.S.

“I went to Chas for personal coaching. He gave me the guidance and tough love that I needed to overcome my stumbling blocks and self limiting beliefs.”–D.R., Medical Supervisor

“One of Chas’s gifts is his ability to articulate that which my spirit knows but I have not yet formed the concept in my mind. Often, when Chip supplies the words or more fully formed concept, it deepens my ability to explore ever more deeply.”–S.B

“In the midst of hearing a long explanation or tale, Chas has the ability to zero in on the piece that is the issue. He then focuses on that and defines the real issue and the point at which transformation can occur. He does this with wisdom, humor and compassion, and the result is often a great teaching.”–B. M., Counselor

“I’ve been around a lot. Done a lot of different things. Chas August is one of the best!”–B.S., retired



One thought on “Testimonials from Clients and Participants

  1. I have been working with Chas for several yrs now, and continue to learn from him and appreciate his guidance and often insightful questions or observations. I agree he has the right balance between challenge and compassion. I appreciate that he is willing and able to set a bolder in my lap to see how I may wrestle with that. Sometimes even while stating if he is not certain if his perception about the particular issue or bolder/challenge is in every way appropriate or correct. Myself I prefer his proactive style and willingness to occasionally put forward opinions or observations that are for me to sort out and judge the validity or usefulness; as opposed to a fluffy reflective non-participative style. Because it engenders a more thoughtful conversation that more likely ends up as formulations of thoughts and/or choices. He has been an invaluable touchstone and support though an often turbulent last few years; with challenge and encouragement to choose my path and gentle reminders of how well I have managed though some difficult uncertain times and experiences. All that said he is one of the most articulate communicators I have met and a pleasure to work with. And a pleasure to recommend !
    Rick O

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