The Thirty-Day Sexercise

We’d been living together for eleven months, Kat and I.  We had Kat’s 5-year-old son 85% of the time.  We also had my 5-year-old daughter about 40% of the time.  All of us in a 700 square foot, two bedroom, one bathroom apartment, which we also used for my office and for Kat’s office.  It

Let’s Talk About Sex (and our teens)!

When you were a teenager did you seek out advice and information about sex from your parents?  Were your parents a primary source of guidance and comfort for you with issues regarding your sexual practices and behavior?  Did you talk to them about masturbation?  Did you discuss how far you were “going” on dates?  Were

Creating a “Relation–Ship”.

As a personal growth coach and couple intimacy coach, and a facilitator of various love & intimacy workshops, I often meet people who tell me they are in a relationship, or are looking to find someone to start a relationship, or are ending a relationship, or have decided that relationships are just not for them.