Chas August
Relationship Counselor/Coach
SF Bay Area, California

Watch Chas talking about Jealousy with Brittany Jones

Intimacy and Relationship Specialist

Interpersonal Communications Trainer

International Workshop Leader

Wedding Celebrant (licensed Minister)

Parent Educator


Chas August provides:
Face-to-Face Sessions
Telephone and Skype Sessions
Custom Created Workshops
Weddings and Celebrations

Email me to book a Session HERE


phone: (650) 646-5333

2 thoughts on “Coach/Counselor/Facilitator

  1. What type of sex do most women prefer? Easy or Rough? How can you know that women has get their orgarsm.what do you need to tell woman during sex?

    • Hi M,
      I’m not sure what the words “type of sex” mean? It’s like asking “What type of food do you prefer?”. Are we talking breakfast, lunch or dinner, at home or at a restaurant, appetizer, main course, dessert, etc.? I believe healthy sexual activity grows out of the part of us that is still child-like, filled with wonder and curiosity, in touch with the unashamed delights of our body, unafraid to ask, tell, like, dislike. And I believe that’s the type of sex most people want, most of the time. That said, it is not the only type of sex most people want.

      The only sure way you can know what your partner experiences is to create a climate of free-flowing connection and communication (see the above paragraph). At some point, it is OK to ask, but asking has risks if you haven’t already created a safe container for openness and honesty. Which, I suppose, answers your third question – tell her what’s in your heart, mind and body and ask your partner to do likewise.

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