The Circle of Loving Service

When I study the question of how to make love stay I find myself pondering 5 key concepts and their interrelationships:  Love, Commitment, Freedom, Service and Joy. Service Leads to Freedom <–> Freedom Leads to Service Freedom Leads to Joy <–> Joy Leads to Freedom Joy Leads to Love <–> Love Leads to Joy Love Leads to Commitment <–> Commitment Leads

Esther Perel: Reconciling the Erotic and the Domestic (Podcast)

“Is there something inherent in commitment that deadens desire? Can we ever maintain security without succumbing to monotony? The real questions are these: Can we have both love and desire in the same relationship over time? How? What exactly would that kind of relationship be?” <snip> “What is it about sexual betrayal that seems to

Let’s Talk About Sex (and our teens)!

When you were a teenager did you seek out advice and information about sex from your parents?  Were your parents a primary source of guidance and comfort for you with issues regarding your sexual practices and behavior?  Did you talk to them about masturbation?  Did you discuss how far you were “going” on dates?  Were

Creating a “Relation–Ship”.

As a personal growth coach and couple intimacy coach, and a facilitator of various love & intimacy workshops, I often meet people who tell me they are in a relationship, or are looking to find someone to start a relationship, or are ending a relationship, or have decided that relationships are just not for them.