Keep The Fire Burning

Couples frequently ask me about how to keep the passion alive, or how to rekindle it when it dies. I think there are a lot of factors at play that can cause “bed death”. Sadly, I don’t know any foolproof cure, but there are some remedies that often can make a huge difference. It seems

Not Just Partners, Lovers!

As a Relationship Counselor/Coach and workshop leader, I have met and worked with hundreds of couples in their fifties and sixties who are struggling with unsatisfactory sex lives.  When we are young, sexually active adults, we tend to take for granted that feelings of arousal will be accompanied by tumescence (the swelling of genital tissues), erections

How anger destroys relationships

The Google online dictionary has one definition of relationship as: “a state of connectedness between people (especially an emotional connection)”. Sadly, instead of a relationship, too many of us live in something that is more like a “relation-dinghy”!  (A dinghy is a small, open rowboat or inflatable raft.)   At the first heavy weather or big

15 Tips For a Great Relationship

Whoever has the problem, has the solution. What you find hard to say, you must say. Instead of arguing or debating, reflect your partner’s feelings back to him or her. Talk is very important. Loving, intimate touch is often more important than talk. Great relationships require time investment. Practice surrender.  Find out what your partner