15 Tips For a Great Relationship

  1. Whoever has the problem, has the solution.
  2. What you find hard to say, you must say.
  3. Instead of arguing or debating, reflect your partner’s feelings back to him or her.
  4. Talk is very important.
  5. Loving, intimate touch is often more important than talk.
  6. Great relationships require time investment.
  7. Practice surrender.  Find out what your partner wants. Offer it.
  8. Pleasure is healing.  No pain…no pain!
  9. Often the choice is to be “right” or to be happy.  Choose happiness.
  10.  I own my thoughts and behavior.  You own yours.
  11. I own my genitals and body.  You own yours.
  12. Choose love over any other thought, feeling or behavior.
  13. When you realize you have forgotten rule 12, choose love again.
  14. Ask yourself:  How much do I want to live in love?
  15. Sexuality lives in our inner child.  Play.  Laugh. Be creative.  Banish shame.

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