An Open Letter to Anyone Looking for Love.

Here’s a link to a terrific essay I saw on by Zach Beach titled “An Open Letter to Anyone Looking for Love.”

Beach’s essay pushes back against the notions of “true love” our culture feeds us.  Instead of searching for the “one” Beach suggests seeing and embracing all the love that surrounds us if we only have the eyes to see.

At a HAI Workshop in which I participated I remember the facilitator saying something like “If we spent as little time and effort on our job as most of us do in our relationship we’d likely get fired!”

Holding Hands - Sunset


Love is a verb, an action. Practice giving and receiving love as often as you can, practice “falling in love” with places and activities as well as people. What we practice is what we get good at. When we practice waiting for love to come to us we tend to get good at waiting. When we practice loving we tend to get good at loving.

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