I enjoy feeling some level of my sexuality all the time. To me it’s a spiritual thing, practicing staying plugged in to the basic law of attraction that pervades every part of the Universe. Sometimes my sexuality is just a hint, a whisper, and sometimes it seems to take me over, a shout. However strong or weak it is, I feel more alive and better about myself when I experience myself as always being a sexual being.

One way this awareness of being a sexual being gets expressed is that I’m a flirt. By that I mean that I like to make playfully romantic or sexual overtures. These overtures take the form of expressing sexual interest – sexy conversation, risqué double entendres, eye gazing, winking – but not making sexual requests. Usually I speak clearly that I am not, in fact, available, and have no intention other than to create or respond to the “spark” between us, and to nurture that spark for awhile.

Usually the person I’m flirting with flirts back. I gaze, they gaze back, I wink, s/he winks. There is often a fair amount of smiling and lip-licking. As this behavior goes on I feel acknowledged in my “sexiness” and the person I’m flirting with seems to feel something similar. I think there is mutuality in these interactions, i.e., we are both giving and receiving.

I usually don’t start my interactions with a person by flirting. I like to get to know a person first, so that my flirting won’t come across as sexual “objectification” (seeing a sex object instead of a person).  That said, when the person I’m near is also a flirt, things can get pretty sexy, pretty fast.

In general, I don’t flirt with anyone who has said or intimated that I am a “father figure” for them. I do my best to charm children, but I don’t flirt with children.

While I don’t flirt with everyone, I do flirt a lot.

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