cba-fb-16-1204I possess what clients describe as an uncanny ability to show rather than tell you what’s been blocking you. I listen to what you’re not saying and mine your “story” for the secret, innermost thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck and thwart your attempts at lasting love. I’ll help you understand the patterns that trip you up so you can find that great partner, express your desires and stay open to the needs of your partner so the two of you can be the best possible lover for one another.

I offer compassion and counsel as you embrace, accept and let go of what’s so—whether that be grief, sadness, loss, or an empty feeling you haven’t been able to shake. With a kind and yet fierce, penetrating presence, I help you come face-to-face with those hidden parts of you that can be difficult to see on your own. Then, I guide and assist you to move through your stuck places at your own pace. This is the key in the lock that allows you to find that unique choice-point that enables you to change. I know from experience that the goal is progress and that personal growth is dynamic because, as I often say, “We are never done.”

Let me guide you to:

¬  Create the love- and sex-life you’ve always wanted

¬  Learn to speak about what is hard for you to say

¬  Discover what beliefs feed a sense of insecurity or scarcity

¬  Become more potent or more able to surrender

¬  Live “bigger”

¬  Find your passion

I bring my real-life experience to our coaching sessions. I grew up in a substance-abuse household, where I was quite the trouble-maker. Hungry for attention—even negative attention—I was convinced I could never get the love I craved. I confused sex with love and chemistry with connection. Married at 23, I was at a loss about how to make that relationship work. After my marriage ended, I discovered the “Sex, Love and Intimacy” workshops of the Human Awareness Institute (HAI). In the “room of love” created in those workshops, I found my home. More than a break-through; the workshop introduced me to a way of life I didn’t know existed. I finally discovered that I could get—and give—love in a way that fulfilled my deepest longings. I became a workshop leader and spent the next 17 years traveling the world and guiding others to open their hearts and learn the skills that allow us all to find the love we need.

I am a long-time student of Transactional Analysis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). I’ve studied with Marshall Rosenberg, author of Non-Violent Communication, and was mentored for many years by Stan Dale, the founder of Human Awareness Institute (HAI). I have a certification in hypnotherapy, and I am also a certified instructor of Parent Effectiveness Training (PET), offering training and conflict resolution for parents. I’ve designed and led hundreds of workshops, support groups, and leadership trainings worldwide.

I am available to support you in person, by telephone, or in online video sessions.




2 thoughts on “About: Charles “Chas” August

  1. Help!
    My wife has been asking me to open up for 9 years and i still dont know what that means. We have a beautiful 7yr old girl. I love my wife. We are about to get a divorce. What do i do? Ive read every book, been to weekend workshops. Nothing sticks. Im in real trouble here. I live in Oklahoma City and im willing to try anything. “Youve been saying you are willing for nine years but nothing happens!!”

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