Love: Not Just a Good Idea, It’s The Law!

I’ve been reading a lot on the subject of evolution, especially regarding human sexuality.   As I understand it everything in the Universe is in a constant state of change.  Physicists and biologists have posited that this change appears to move in the direction from simple to complex.  In other words, over time, everything is evolving, including our understanding and awareness of the process of evolution.

From a physics point of view, everything that exists is some combination of matter and energy.  Harnessing that energy is the goal of the designers of electric power plants, nuclear bomb makers, designers of engines.  Describing the nature of that energy is much of what preoccupies the modern physicist.  In plain English we are talking about the energy that draws objects towards each other, the forces that hold planets in orbit, the negative charges chasing positive charges that we call electro-magnetism, whatever it is that causes smaller objects to “fall” towards larger objects, the forces that keep atoms from spinning apart – in other words “attraction”.  Objects attract and systems get more complex.  (My apology to the scientists reading this, I know I’m generalizing and that exceptions abound.)

Brian Swimme, a physicist and cosmologist, writes and teaches about the nature of the cosmos.  Recently he and I chatted about this thing I’m calling attraction.  Brian believes that there is an evolutionary benefit for humans developing and expressing love.  As I understand it, Swimme believes that we’ve evolved to become the mechanism by which attraction becomes conscious, we are the part of the universe that is aware of attraction at a spiritual level.  I think he means that our very purpose here in the Universe is to love and be loved!

Any of you who have attended my workshops our been part of my coaching practice know that one of my core beliefs is that every human being is born pure love.  Everything we do can be seen as an act of love or a cry for love.  Everyone deserves love. (I learned most of this from my friend and mentor, the late Stan Dale.)

Now I know that this is not just a good idea, it’s the Universal law!

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