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Can we be lovers and not have sex?

Brentan Schellenbach, posted by, “For me, sharing sex with someone requires a certain alignment, and I do not take that lightly. My sex requires that I can possibly foresee living with a person and combining all my stuff with all of their stuff (and I mean physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual stuff—the stuff that just feels heavy if it’s not the right … Continue reading

The Healing Power of Touch

Today, June 8, is the anniversary of the passing of my favorite teacher – Stan Dale.  Stan was the founder of the Human Awareness Institute and the originator of the Love, Intimacy and Sexuality workshops.  Stan and his workshops changed my life (and the lives of tens of thousands of people, worldwide).   As I read this article -It’s … Continue reading

What I Wanted My Father To Say

By Chas August In my memories, my relationship with my father was always tempestuous.   I am the third of his five offspring, the second of three boys, the middle child.  For as long as I can remember, Dad was a drunk.  (I used to say he was an alcoholic, but it always felt like I … Continue reading

To Live in the World and be Happy

As Abe Lincoln famously said: “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”  Happiness is a choice, a habit of mind, and a skill that can be cultivated.  Like most skills, some people seem to be born with more of it than other people.  And like most skills, with practice, … Continue reading

10 Beautiful Words About Love That Don’t Exist in English

Here’s a great reminder that there are so many flavors of love, and so much to appreciate 10 Beautiful Words About Love That Don’t Exist in English.

We Must Stop Adapting to a Culture of Rape

The subject of rape has been in the news quite a bit this past year or so, and I am having lots of feelings about what some are calling our “rape culture” . “Legitimate Rape” A year ago, March 2012, Todd Akin, Missouri Republican candidate for the US Senate, when asked about allowing abortions when … Continue reading

What is the Purpose of Marriage?

Marriage inequality is already enshrined in our laws. State Governments (here in the USA), in fact, restrict who can get married.  None allow polygamy; none allow brother-sister, mother-son, and father-daughter unions.   Four States require both parties to “pass” a blood test, proving you are not infected with one or more STI’s (usually syphilis and gonorrhea).  … Continue reading

Spreading the Love

As I watched this video my heart filled with compassion and my eyes filled with tears.  Hannah Brencher writes love letters to strangers.  And the strangers write back to her.  And this simple act of love transforms lives. When was the last time you put pen to paper and wrote an actual letter?  Not a … Continue reading

The Thirty-Day Sexercise

We’d been living together for eleven months, Kat and I.  We had Kat’s 5-year-old son 85% of the time.  We also had my 5-year-old daughter about 40% of the time.  All of us in a 700 square foot, two bedroom, one bathroom apartment, which we also used for my office and for Kat’s office.  It … Continue reading

Fifty Ways to Express Your Love

25 ways to show someone that they are loved Listen to what they are saying. Empathize with what they are feeling. Tell them things about you that make you feel vulnerable. Be curious about them. Accept them as they are. Include them when you are hanging out with you friends. Ask to join them when … Continue reading

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